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Done with Fairs

It has been a busy, sometimes exhausting, sometimes fun, month for me attending three different craft fairs on three subsequent weekends. The first one required driving six hours in a packed car, and three days in a big city. The others were more local and actually a lot more successful. You learn a lot about […]

Measuring Success

Success – when do I have it? how do I feel it? how do I measure it? It seems to be a volatile, hard-to-pin-down thing. Lately I have been thinking about how I define success because of my experiences at my most recent show. My pieces were selling very well and it was a great […]

Bullseye Glass

I’m just back from a trip to Portland to restock my essential materials – sheets and jars of multicolored glass. Portland is the home of Bullseye Glass, which offers a broad range of colors and products for the glass artist. All of the glass is COE compatible, meaning that it will expand and contract at […]

A Place for Everything

There is a place for everything in my studio, and in my eyes it is very organized, but through a visitors eyes it is a jumble of equipment, supplies, materials and miscellaneous stuff. I know just which drawer to look in for a rod of black glass, or which shelf to reach for the blue […]

The Zen of Fusing

Here’s what I really like:  the feeling of “flow” when I’m working on glass. Making fused glass art involves many steps, starting with researching and drawing the pattern design, then cutting pieces out of the various glass colors, grinding rough edges off the pieces, cleaning glass pieces thoroughly, assembling the  finished product, adding frit, stringers […]

Lost Without a Kiln

In our everyday lives we take for granted that our essential machines work: the computer, the car, the phone. In fact we just assume they will work for us. This is how I feel about my wonderful, reliable kiln – a 24″ x 24″ shiny workhorse that is fusing glass for me at least 4 […]