Bullseye Glass

I’m just back from a trip to Portland to restock my essential materials – sheets and jars of multicolored glass. Portland is the home of Bullseye Glass, which offers a broad range of colors and products for the glass artist. All of the glass is COE compatible, meaning that it will expand and contract at the same rate in a kiln. Fuse together two glasses that are not COE compatible and cracks will result, ruining your artwork. That is the last thing you want to have happen when you’ve spent lots of time putting together a beautiful piece. Bullseye is like a candy store, full of tempting colors (do I really need that purple?), new mold shapes to slump my work into, and very helpful clerks, experienced artists themselves. I enter with my shopping list and I try to stick to it despite the temptations. Now its back to work in my studio!