Displaying Fused Glass

One way to display fused glass art off the wall is by using a plexiglas stand available from Julle-Art in many shapes and sizes (http://www.juleartdirect.com)


There are several different ways to display your fused glass art. All of the pieces in this picture are mounted using rubber-tipped L-screws.

This sea turtle panel is held up by three L-screws. The 1 3/4″  L-screw is screwed into the wall with 3/4″ remaining, which holds the panel slightly off the wall.

These bowls are all mounted using plate hangers, easily available from a hardware store. Plate hangers work well for platters, bowls, squares and small panels.The only drawback of this system is that you can see the springs of the plate hanger through the glass, so it best used with pieces of opaque glass.