FAQ About Fused Glass

How do I hang glass panels on the wall ?


Learning how to hang glass panels on the wall: First you want a method you can 100% trust. To I recommend using 1 3/4"  L-screws available at most hardware stores. I buy a can of do-it-yourself dip plastic to give the screws plastic tip (also available at hardware store). Use two L-screws along the lower edge and one or two on the upper edge. Screw in just until you can't see the threads anymore. Get as tight a fit as you can, then you can use earthquake putty to hold the glass in place about 1" off the wall.

Is fused glass dishwasher safe? Microwave safe?


Do not put the glass in the microwave, it may crack. Pieces can be put in the dishwasher, but it would be safer to wash them by hand.

Can you use recycled glass in your artwork?


No, because I do not know the COE rating for the glass.

What kind of glass is used in Mill Creek Glass artwork?


All of my glass comes from Bullseye Glass in Portland, Oregon. The glass is all  rated COE-90,  meaning that the Coefficient of Expansion is the same for all of the glass and it will expand and contract during the fusing process at the same rate. If glass pieces with different COE ratings were used the product would be unstable and would likely crack.