Lost Without a Kiln

In our everyday lives we take for granted that our essential machines work: the computer, the car, the phone. In fact we just assume they will work for us. This is how I feel about my wonderful, reliable kiln – a 24″ x 24″ shiny workhorse that is fusing glass for me at least 4 days a week, sometimes 7. Until yesterday, when I looked up from my glass cutting and realized an error message was flashing on the kiln’s computer screen. I tried reprogramming it and running it again to no avail. It would not climb higher than 200 degrees, a far cry from the 1475 degrees I was targeting. So  I spent today driving around to every electrical supply store in town to try and find a new relay, unfortunately with no success. I’ve ordered two (one for the next breakdown) and now must be patient until it arrives in 5 days. Just one small downfall of the art of glass fusing – having to rely on a machine other than yourself. It gives me renewed appreciation for the day-after-day reliability of my kiln. Maybe it just really wanted a vacation!