Making Fused Glass

How is Fused Glass Made?

Making fused glass is tremendously creative and enjoyable. With a few basic skills under your belt, you too can be creating with fused glass!


My most important piece of equipment is this 24″ x 24″ kiln in which I fused all of my artwork. When it was out of commission for a month this summer I developed a whole new level of appreciation for it!







After coming up with my design I make a pattern and cut my pieces from various colors of sheet glass using a glass cutter and glass pliers.






After cutting, I use an electric grinder to grind each piece which smooths out irregular edges or further shapes each piece.








Dragonfly Marsh Panels

Dragonfly Marsh Panels

After all of the pieces are cut and ground, I assemble the artwork using clear glue to hold the pieces in place until they are fused.







Next, I place the pieces in my kiln and fire it using a special program controlled by a remote controller that regulates how fast the kiln heats up, how long it stays at a particular temperature, and how quickly it cools down. My fusing program goes up to 1450 degrees and takes about 22 hours to heat up and cool down to room temperature.






To create shaped pieces such as bowls, a second firing is required. The flat fused piece is placed on top of a mold and then “slumped” to take the shape of the mold.